PALMS offers a variety of programmes for college students to develop their leadership skills and career oriented skills which is required to be successful in today’ s competitive world.

This is the indicative list of programmes

1. Behavioral & Attitudinal Change – Importance of Behaviour and Attitude, Reactive Vs Proactive Behavior, how to develop a good behaviour and a positive attitude towards life?

2. Effective Communication – Written Communication, Oral Communication & Body Language.

3. Goal Setting – Why Goals? How goal setting helps? How to set goals and track their progress?

4. Time Management and Work Prioritization – Importance of Time, How to manage time and tasks? How to prioritize time using the Urgent/ Important matrix, Identifying time wasters.

5. Managing your Self – Self Analysis, Self Image & Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Motivation, Self Renewal.

6. Effective Public Speaking – Why Public Speaking? How to prepare a speech? How to speak in front of an audience? How to develop confidence? Do’s & Don’ts.

7. Interview & GD Skills – Getting ready to take up your first job? How to prepare a resume? Interview techniques, Group Discussion Skills, Dressing Etiquette.

8. Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making – How to handle problems effectively and take the right decision in solving a problem, in real life situation.

9. Human Relations & Interpersonal Skills – How to relate to people? How to make people like you? How to influence people to do things you want them to do for you?

10. Leadership Skills – Types of Leadership, Qualities of a Leader, Practicing Role Model Leadership, Getting your team members to support you.

11. Creative Thinking & Innovation – What is Creative Thinking? Creative Thinking Vs Logical Thinking, Why creative thinking is important? How creative thinking leads to innovation.

12. Assertiveness – What is Assertiveness? Three types of people – Aggressive, Passive & Assertive. Why assertive style is the best style? How to be assertive? How being assertive benefits you and people around you?

13. Transactional Analysis – Introduction to Transactional Analysis, the 3 ego states and how it useful in relating with others, How to reach at the ideal stage of “I am OK, You are OK”.

14. Stress Management – What is Stress? Is Stress good or bad? How to manage stress? Tips & Techniques to lead a stress-free life.

15. Change Management – What is Change? Is change a threat or opportunity? How to cope up with Change, Globalization – The New Challenges.

16. Emotional Intelligence – What is Emotional Intelligence? Its relevance in today’s life context, IQ Vs EQ. How emotions play a active role in our decision making process and how to streamline our emotions in a positive way.

17. Power of Positive Thinking – What is Positive Thinking? How Negative thinking affects the outcome of our efforts, How to develop positive thinking habits, Positive Thinking Vs Possibility Thinking.

18. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – What is NLP? Different learning styles – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, How to programme your subconscious mind to achieve what you want?

19. Teamwork & Team Dynamics – What is a TEAM? The power of working as a team, Team Vs Group, How to be a good team player? Team Leader Vs Team Player, How to achieve team dynamics?

20. Developing Successful Habits: Emotional Bank Account, Be Proactive, Begin with the end in mind, Putting first things first, Think Win-Win, Seek first to Understand then to be understood, Synergize, Sharpening the Saw.

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