PALMS offers a variety of programmes for school students to develop their behavioral skills, social skills, study skills and guide them on the path of choosing the right career. PALMS also helps students inculcate good values and attitude, which is essential for a harmonious life and a beautiful future.

These programme can be offered to students at the comfort of their own school. Some suggested in-house programmes for School Students

Goal Setting & Motivation: (Std IX to XII)
This programme is aimed at motivating the students to set goals, plan their work, manage time, and systematically follow up in achieve the targets they set for themselves.

Super Student – Learning & Examination Skills: (Std VIII to XII)
The performance of a student basically depends upon how quickly they can and how well they can reproduce at the time of examination. This programme helps the student to improve his memory skills, learning skills, examinations skills and writing skills.

Values for Life (Std IX to XII)
This programme is aimed at introducing the students to 12 key values – Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Happiness, Responsibility, Cooperation, Humility, Honesty, Simplicity, Freedom and Unity, which are essential for them to live a right and meaningful life.

Effective Teens: (Std IX to Std XII).
This programme is for the teenagers. The programme brings to focus a few habits, when cultivated in these young minds can make them effective, for a lifetime.

Speech Craft: (Std VIII to XII)
One of the worst fears, anyone can face is the fear of speaking in public. This programme helps students to dispel the fear of public speaking. They will learn the technique of designing an effective speech, develop meaningful content, with stories and humour, and deliver effectively with good voice modulation and correct body language.

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