PALMS Membership

  • PALMS offers its members regular monthly programmes on selected self development or management topics.
  • The programme duration is generally for 2 hours.
  • The programmes are organized at air conditioned conference hall, using modern audio – visual aids, to facilitate enhanced learning.
  • The number of participants, allowed to attend the programme is based on your choice of membership
  • The programmes are followed by dinner, thereby facilitating networking with fellow participants.
  • All members are entitled to a free copy of our in-house monthly newsletter PALMS PLUS , which has a collection of interesting, thought provoking articles and tips for enhancing personal and managerial effectiveness.
  • Members, have access to the members area of the PALMS websites, which contains a number of training resources and e-books.
  • Members are notified of all the upcoming programmes, through PALMS PLUS newsletter, email and whatsapp.
  • Members are entitled to discounts on the special training programmes organized by PALMS from time to time.